Industrial/Electrical Goods

Affiliates of Falcon Trade Corporation have a strong reputation in supporting the trade of industrial and electrical goods.

This activity encompasses a diverse portfolio, connecting producers and buyers of various industries.

Business also includes centre panel distribution boards and ball valve full bore.

Metals and Minerals

Metals and minerals are the core ingredients of the industrial economy. Falcon Trade Corporation leverages its international scope to facilitate the global trade of metals and minerals – from carbon steel welded pipes through to the steel coils.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural commodities are one of the largest, and most vital, classifications of commodities across the global trade landscape.

Falcon Trade Corporation businesses include both primary and processed products, such as fruits and fruit juices, juice mixes, among others.


Falcon Trade Corporation works with the producers and users of textiles such as men’s, women’s and kids clothing.

Construction Products

Affiliates of Falcon Trade Corporation work closely with those operating throughout the construction industry – vital to the development of global infrastructure.

Activities primarily focus on construction and industrial tools and equipment.

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