Trading Expertise

Falcon Trade Corporation prides itself on understanding its trading partners and counterparties, and their specific needs. And this means understanding trade. Every senior member of Falcon Trade Corporation has extensive experience in trade. This enables Falcon Trade Corporation to create solutions that are flexible, innovative, and effective.


There is no ‘typical’ Falcon Trade Corporation solution. Each solution starts from scratch, and is built to grow with the partner or project as its needs develop.

Falcon Trade Corporation’s size makes it flexible and attentive – working closely with counterparties throughout the supply chain, flexing on its financial capabilities to offer structured trade solutions, provide clients with efficient inventory management solutions, and extended payment terms.


Falcon Trade Corporation’s size, flexibility and expertise means that it can work closely with each trading partner to provide high-quality solutions with a rapid turnaround.

Changes can also be made quickly – allowing solutions to adapt to a turbulent environment. It’s this flexibility that puts Falcon Trade Corporation ahead of its competitors.


Falcon Trade Corporation and its affiliates provide financing solutions for a diverse range of products. These include:

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Chemicals & minerals

Office equipment & supplies


Electronic goods

Steel products

Building materials

Spices & grains etc.

Agricultural goods

Automotive spare parts


Foodstuffs-frozen & fresh

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